Quick Hits: The Team-Building Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings showing willingness to stick up for each other - Detroit News

Blashill was glad to see the actions by Smith and Glendening, but not surprised, having mentioned often the closeness of the team.

“It’s important as a hockey team to care about each other, to want to play for each other and want to go to battle for each other and want to stick up for each other,” Blashill said.

I was initially torn on the Glendening fight because I hate making a guy fight for a clean check, but that wasn’t a clean check. I still don’t love the old style where the teams’ enforcers had as much control over the play as the refs, but there’s still a gap in the reffing standard where shit like that hit on Filppula warrants a response.

Around the NHL

NHL Power Rankings: Avalanche finally overtake Lightning for first time this season - CBS Sports

They beat the crap out of the Lightning on Sunday, which is hilarious. Other than that...still bad.

We’re in front of the Ducks and Sabres in 29th overall.

Hell yeah.