WIIM Radio Mailbag: Mid-May Edition

Just because the Wings are done doesn't me we are. Get your questions in now

Hey folks; after a week off to collect things to talk about we're coming back with another WIIM Radio. Here's a quick rundown of topics we'll get to go over:

  • The Griffins Run - Without a prospects report, we'll do you one better by having Michelle join us for the entire episode. Unfortunately the run ended last night, but there's some real positive to take from Grand Rapids' 2nd round defeat.
  • The Worlds - The Griffins may be done, but not all the Red Wings have finished playing, as a number of them are in Russia right now battling for the World Championship. We'll go over what we've seen and probably argue about the proper size of an ice surface.
  • Coaching Carousel - Bedard is out, Salajko is in, Fershweiler is upstairs, Houda is in and Detroit is looking for somebody to fix the power play. Who do you think will take over?
  • The Stanley Cup Playoffs - Four teams we hate are left. Who do we hate the least?
  • Reader Questions - Here's where you come in. Ask away any questions which come to mind. If we haven't already covered it, we'll get to it in my favorite part of the show.

- - -

Recording will start late tonight, so get your questions in before about 10pm ET and we should be able to get to them. Or don't. We're ok with you doing whatever makes you comfortable. We care like that.