Quick Hits: The Givani’s Journey Edition

In Red Wings Land

How Red Wings’ Givani Smith used father’s lessons to battle racism on road to NHL | Freep

That’s when Gemel and Givani harken back to what their dad has always told them.

“I always told them they have to have thick skins,” Gary said, “because you’re going to have people out there that for whatever reasons maybe they hate them. Sometimes it’s not because you’re black or white, it’s because you’re fat, because this because that. People just hate. Having those kind of people, you’re never going to get away from them.

“I say to them, too, sometimes all those people aren’t racists or bigots or whatever they are. Sometimes they just get mad and they say that. But I don’t know if all of them believe it. Maybe they just want to hurt you.”

This is a great story about Givani Smith. It’s a great look at his and his family’s journey through life and the game of hockey. I’d love to see Smith stick at the NHL level the rest of the year and have a strong finish to the season with the Red Wings.

Around the League

Best and worst of the 2020 NHL All-Star Game: Laila Anderson, Green Day, women’s 3-on-3 and more | ESPN

Best: Trying new things

As one NHL executive put it: The new “Shooting Stars” event, the Topgolf-inspired competition in which players fired pucks over the crowd at targets on the ice, “probably needs some rethinking.” But that’s OK! As a first draft, the event was wildly inventive, played well on television and included both NHLers and women’s All-Stars. (Next year? Get the goalies in there.)

I agree with this. I kind of liked the “Shooting Stars” event and want it to come back next year. I also didn’t mind the new graphics/glow puck stuff that the NHL tested during the All-Star games.

Hockey world reacts to Kobe Bryant’s stunning death | Yahoo!

RIP Kobe.