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Quick Hits: The Team USA Edition

Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Red Wings Rumblings

The NFL Draft is underway in Detroit and the turnout is jaw-dropping:

So, after seeing this, do we think there will ever be an NHL Draft at LCA? Obviously an NHL Draft will never be on the same scale as the NFL, but with a world-class venue, kinda seems like it’s time for Ilitch to get serious and bring a marquee hockey event to downtown. Wouldn’t hold your breath. There are parking lots to build and maintain.

Dylan Larkin and Alex Lyon are headed to Worlds!

It’s no surprise that Larkin will play for Team USA, and perhaps the same goes for Lyon. I was convinced we would see Alex DeBrincat make the team, but maybe he wasn’t interested.

UPDATE 12:15 PM ET: Head coach Derek Lalonde and goaltending coach Alex Westlund are also joining Team USA:

NHL News

Broadcasting giant Bob Cole dies at 90

Truly one of the greatest to ever step up to the mic in a broadcast booth. There are so many Bob Cole moments that were a part of my childhood, but the top will always be Darren McCarty’s goal in game four of the ’97 SCF:

RIP to a real legend.

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