Don Cherry Tells Mike Babcock to Stay in Detroit

Don Cherry is at it again!

The infamous Don Cherry went on a nice Twitter rant today in regards to Mike Babcock, urging him to stay in Detroit. He basically said players like Pavel Datsyuk, and Henrik Zetterberg still have a lot left in the tank, and the big bucks to go to a team who is in the heat of a rebuild isn't worth it.

He also calls Mike Illitch one of the best owners in the sport, so on and so forth. It's Don Cherry, so he managed to relate Babcock's situation with himself when he was a coach.

I'm somewhat certain with the retaining of Michel Therrien by Montreal, the possible hiring of McLellan in Edmonton, and the mess known as the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres could mean that Babcock's best option is in Detroit. Good players, long history of top-tier leadership, and promising young prospects on the horizon.. It seems like a smart move. Ken Holland will not hesitate to make Babcock the highest paid coach in hockey. He's said it before.. Money is not an object.