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The Grumpy Fan Post: Red Wings Swear Jar

The Fan Guide to Watching Your Team Go Bad

Farewell To The Joe: Hockeytown 5K

The final season of events at Joe Louis Arena kicks off Saturday, September 10th.

Stanley Cup Scoreboard Watch: Puck Luck

San Jose held on after a wild opening to win Game 5 and bring the series back to the Shark Tank. Can they work the same magic for Game 6?

Stanley Cup Final Scoreboard Watch: Second Chances

The Penguins and Sharks face each other tonight for Game 2. The Penguins will have a second chance to dominate, while the Sharks will have a second chance to show they belong here.

NHL Playoffs Scoreboard Watch: Endangered Species

It's almost time for Pittsburgh residents to go all Jacques Cousteau and view the Penguins in their natural habitat - the golf course.

Playoff Scoreboard Watch: Nostradamus Edition

Even the Great Prognosticator couldn't help us predicts what's going to happen in these games...

Playoff Scoreboard Watch: Shark Stank

After shredding the Blues in a 4-0 victory in Game 2, can San Jose build on that momentum for Game 3?

Playoff Scoreboard Watch: Blue Blooded

The Blues and Sharks square off tonight for Game 2 of the WCF in a match that probably won't make you burst a blood vessel.

WIIM's Round 2 Predictions

The first round is history, the 2nd has already started. Let's get prognosticating!

Playoff Scoreboard Watch: This Is The Beginnending

As Round 2 begins, Round 1 ends.

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Playoff Scoreboard Watch: Everyone Loses Tonight

Is there a way for all 4 teams to end tonight with losses?

hctaW draoberocS ffoyalP: Bizarro Dopplegänger Edition

What is this crazy alternate hockey realm we've entered where bad teams keep winning?

Playoff Scoreboard Watch: Nothing Else To Live For

Time to bandwagon-up to another city's squad... It will help kill the pain.

Playoff Scoreboard Watch: Grab Your Brooms!

Three teams look to get a strangle-hold on their series, while the Caps get ready to sweep up some Philly filth...

Playoff Scoreboard Watch: Game 3 Tripleheaderness

If you say "playoffs" three times while staring in the mirror tonight, Claude Julien will appear behind you.

Playoff Scoreboard Watch Part Deux: Scoreboardier

Back and ready for more.

Scoreboard Watch 4/14/16

Around the NHL for tonight's games. Don't kid yourself, you'll end up watching at least one of these.

Wings Bandwagon Cheat-Sheet

For the Non-hockey Fan in Your Life

The Stanley Cup Playoffs start tomorrow. Have friends who aren't hockey fans but don't know how to tell them about this time of year? Show them this!

Looking Ahead

WIIM Meetup in Traverse City Today at 4:30 PM!

Red Wings Training Camp Primer

Training camp is set to take place Friday, September 18th thru Monday, September 21st in Traverse City, Michigan at Centre Ice Arena

Could've Had One More

The Detroit Red Wings held a 3-0 series lead in the 1942 Stanley Cup Final. But thanks to head coach Jack Adams, they couldn't seal the deal.

The NWHL Has Arrived

The National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) will drop the puck in October. What does this mean for women's hockey in North America and around the world?

BOLD Predictions Redux: Pick the Winner

And The Winner Is . . .

Winging It in Motown reviews the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoff Bracket Challenge, including the winner who picked the Nashville Predators to win it all.

What Do We Want?

The Detroit Red Wings will be moving into a new facility in a few seasons. What do we as fans want to include in the new building?

Featured Fanshot

WIIM's Bracket Challenge

Do you think you're smarter than the WIIM crew? (You probably are). Put your hockey knowledge to the test and join our bracket challenge over at The winner gets... absolutely nothing. This is all about pride. Last place, however, can have all my Brendan Smith memorabilia* (because he sucks). Good luck everyone. *you can't really have it.

NHL GameCenter Live Review

WIIM's review of GCL

4th Annual WIIM Fantasy Hockey

WIIM Fantasy Hockey returns for a 4th consecutive season.


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