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Quick Hits: The Broken Rules Edition

In Red Wings Land

The Daily: Penguins Looking for D Man?; Red Wings Draftee Sparks USA – DetHockeyNow

Detroit Red Wings draft pick Red Savage contributed a goal and an assist to help USA down Latvia, 5-2, Monday on the opening day of the World Junior Championships in Moncton, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Still a top-tier name.

Around the League

We recently mentioned CBA 16.5!  Hooray for us!  If you’re still very confused, the CBA dictates that teams can’t force players to do shit until December 27th or they’re violating the CBA.  There’s nothing in the CBA that dictates that time it takes to prepare for a flight has to be built into things and so apparently a flight isn’t considered a team activity until it takes off (at least I guess).

The Leafs flew on a day they weren’t allowed to.  In order to keep the NHL from getting in big trouble with the NHLPA, they had to punish the Leafs.

If you’re curious about how it’s unfair for the league to mandate a team fly on the same day they have to play a game, then take it up with CBA 16.8, which dictates it’s allowed as long as certain conditions are met.  The applicable condition here is the flight be no more than 2.5 hours. This was a two hour flight. Suck it, Leafs

World Juniors Coverage at IIHF

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