Quick Hits: The Fine Line Edition

In Red Wings Land

Jordan Oesterle’s trials went way behind ice time and role in the 2020-21 season - Craig Morgan (AZ Coyotes Insider)

It would be easy for Oesterle to hold some ill will toward the coaching staff after that treatment, but he took it in stride because he was dealing with something much bigger. While he was in the playoff bubble, his sister, Nicole, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent treatment and appeared to be OK, but in late February or early March of last season (Oesterle can’t remember), the family received more bad news.

Seriously rooting for this kid (and his sister).

Around the League

There’s a fine line between being committed to winning and helping everybody around you improve and being a miserable asshole and I don’t know where exactly Nate McKinnon falls on it, but that “if you miss a pass in practice” bullet point is... well it’s not something I’d appreciate.

Speaking of difficult to work with hardasses...