Quick Hits: The Hairy Stuff Edition

In Red Wings Land

It’s all trade speculation out there so I give you this hair.

If you’re curious about trade stuff, I found this comment from a post on Defending Big D talking about Bertuzzi as a potential trade target.


Guri, Damiani, Dobby & a 2nd


Vrana @ 50% & Bertuzzi @ 50%

They’re looking to buy out Vrana according to some sources, so Guri & Dobby should do the trick. Especially if there’s an interested 3rd party for either player.

Damiani & a 2023 2nd for Bertuzzi @ 50% seems fair as well.

TO MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR - This comment is shared to show you just how easy it is to consider how much leftover crap you can throw at a trade to make it seem realistic for the team you like.  This is just one fan’s thought.  Damiani is the “key prospect” in this and he’s a 22-year old on an expiring ELC who can’t crack a lineup and is having just an ok season in the AHL this year after a pretty good one last year.

Around the League

Remember the kid who got suspended for spearing a fan after it was originally decided that there would be no punishment right before video surfaced of him doing it which prompted a quick change of heart?

Yeah the family’s statement here is really good.  I like the part about how the league can’t fine them so they can lean in and also the part where they give grace to a kid with a growing string of shitty behavior.

NHL Power Rankings: Rangers rounding into form as Stanley Cup contender - CBS

It is good to be the Rangers these days. Tarasenko scored in his debut on Friday night. He already seems to have chemistry with Panarin, who scored four goals against the Hurricanes. With each passing day, New York looks more and more like a big-time threat in the Eastern Conference.

They’re only behind Carolina here after jumping over a few teams.  I don’t know.  The Tarasenko pickup has to be huge, but I just can’t get convinced to believe in the Rangers.