Quick Hits: The Old Friends Edition

In Red Wings Land

JohnnySoze shared this last night but I wanted to feature it. Kasper is #24 in the clip. Watch how well he forechecks on this play to prevent the opposition from breaking out behind him while also leaving himself the path to the net-front.

Around the League

Hey I know that guy.

2022 NHL free agency: Which players are left, and where are they going? - ESPN

Federico is confident that DeKeyser will have a deal in place before training camps open next month. It could be in the range of a $1 million “show me” contract, as DeKeyser attempts to rebuild his reputation.

“It’ll be a lower money deal, but it’ll be a chance to showcase himself outside of Detroit,” Federico said. “We kind of look at him as a Jack Johnson type, where he had to kind of reinvent himself and play at these lower numbers. But [Jack] is getting more years out of his career having done it. Danny has to reestablish himself.”

Honestly if DDK ends up clawing his way back to Jack Johnson’s level that’ll be a win for him.  I’m glad to be done with the worry about which one we’ll get on a regular basis but I don’t hold it against him.