RECAP: Habs 2 Wings 1

A point's a point, I guess. But this is a bullshit loss, honestly.

Detroit was basically robbed out of two points and a win in regulation due to a lame call on a beautiful goal by Pavel Datsyuk. You can say it was legit, you can say it was bogus. I'll call it a lame call. Even without "interference," Pavel still scores there.

Detroit played a somewhat decent game, but seemed to have some issues with moving the puck at times. Plain and simple, the team needs to find a way to score more goals. The defense is suspect, and if you're going to play like that, you better hope that you're putting it in the net more. The power play is an absolute enigma. Call it bad luck, but I'll call it just a lack of structure. There's just no spark to it. I understand easing Datsyuk into the lineup after an injury, but I really hope he doesn't stay on the point for much longer. It's just not right, especially with his abilities up-close on the net. I, for one am not all that crazy about having a forward on the point anymore. That needs to be looked at somehow, by getting two puck-moving defensemen at the blue-line, and having a forward man the point on the 2nd unit. Maybe that's just me, though.

The positives? There were plenty. Jimmy Howard played extremely well, and both goals scored were really not his entirely his fault. The PK was spectacular, as per usual.
Let's just move along here, take the point, and hope that the power play starts to figure it out. In my opinion, Andrej Nestrasil hasn't really been a very good accent as a 3rd line player. It was great to see at first, but I think it might be time to either try something new. Call up a player, maybe. I don't see that happening but it is an idea.

So, yeah.. That wasn't fun. The Wings could have won that game barring the waved off goal.
Let's put it behind us. 3-1-2 through 6 games isn't half bad considering Pavel has been out. Detroit needs to bounce back and get ready for a tough matchup against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Let's go, boys. I believe in you.