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Red Wings at Rangers: Rank ‘Em!

Wings vs. Rangers on Sunday night at Madison Square Garden. Be there or shut up! Wings and Rangers play 60 minutes of nada before the OT winner for Klein ends it. Shit.

Quick Thoughts

  • Dylan Larkin really looked to still be feeling the effects of the illness that kept him out of Saturday’s game.
  • I thought Mike Green had a very quiet game.
  • The plan to play a heavy shutdown line on the road makes for really boring games and I think it needlessly stifles the Wings’ own offense, but I’m also wondering if it might have been an ok decision to make with the team needing to pick up Howard, because opening things up probably means relying on him more, which would have been super-risky./

Now you vote with the thumbs we give you. Up for good, down for bad, nothing for neutral. Simple enough. Thanks!

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