SB Nation NHL FanPulse: The Setting up the Marketplace Edition

We’ve got a brand new set of FanPulse results to share with you this week. As a reminder, you want in, , here’s the rundown. You sign up for the FanPulse project, they send you questions to answer, and we collect all that beautiful data to share back with you.

With February in full-swing and the trade deadline approaching, the question on everybody’s mind is where teams should be seeing themselves in the market. I promise to share with you more-interesting results than just what Wings fans had to say, but I do want to share that.

Question 1

We all know this answer is as obvious as the nose on Brad Marchand’s face, but I do want to take the opportunity to say that in an era of internet troll-a-poll, I do have to appreciate that not a single wiseass felt like wasting a vote in favor of “buyer” here.

If you’re curious, the Kings, Devils, and Senators fans also all voted 100% in favor of “sellers.”  96% of Rangers fans feel the same way, as do 94% of Sabres loyalists. Just 90% of Ducks fans think they’ll be dumping assets and 80% of Wild fans who have been proven right since this poll came out.

Rounding out the sellers bracket, we have 87% of Sharks fans, 81% of Habs fans, and 64% of Predators fans.

The 50/50 Crew

Just the Jets and the Blackhawks have evenly-split fanbases here.

The Not-Fully-Sold-on-Buying

I would like to hear from the 5% of Isles fans who feel that they’re in a position to move assets out right now. They’ll be joined by the 24% of Stars fans (which makes sense), 17% of Golden Knights fans, 12% of Caps fans, 9% of Flyers/Leafs fans, 7% of Blues fans, 5% of Avalanche/Blue Jackets faithful,  and the 2% of Hurricanes fans.

Although I suppose that for a majority of the minority we’re dealing with here, you’re probably getting folks who don’t really expect their team to chase another piece going into the playoffs, but might look to dump some extra weight.

The All-Ins

I have to tell you I love that the Battle of Alberta has gotten to the point where both Flames and Oilers fans can be united in complete agreement that their teams will be buyers at the deadline.

It’s even better when you throw in the conviction of Canucks and Coyotes fans. The Pacific is wild, y’all.

Leaving Western conference behind (since none of the Central fanbases are 100% certain on this, you get the Panthers Penguins and Bruins in the East who are completely convinced their teams will be buying.

We’ll be getting out our next round of questions to folks soon to keep the project going all season. If you’re interested in taking part of the voting, you can sign up here:

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