WIIM Radio Mailbag: Pre-Stadium Series Edition

Welcome to another WIIM Radio mailbag. We'll be recording our new episode late tonight, so we're going to ask you to fill our mailbag during the day to go through when we hit the studio. Here's the topic rundown for you:

  • The Wings Lately - We're mostly just going to free-form this one to go over the three losses, shootout win, and state of the team. I mean, we tend to do that anyway, but at least this time we won't feel like we've gotten "off-track" about chasing down tangents.
  • Prospects Report - Michelle will run us through all the goings-on in the WIngs' pipeline, from Grand Rapids to juniors and over to Europe as well.
  • Reader Questions - We'll take the questions you give us in the comments below, provided we haven't already answered it by the time we get there. Ask us anything!
  • The Week Ahead - Just two more games ahead, including the Stadium Series game in Denver. We'll hit those high points before we sign off./

- - -

As always, we tend to record pretty late, so questions will be accepted until about 10:30pm ET. Thanks, and ask away!