WIIM Radio Recording Tonight: Get your Questions in Now

Get your questions in for this week's episode of WIIM Radio and we'll go over them when we record on Monday night.

It's been two weeks since we last brought you WIIM radio and it's time to record a new episode tonight. Like last time, we're going to have this one produced and we'll release it all at once instead of running it live. As we continue to work on the process, we'll get these out quicker, but since we're still in episode 2 of doing it like this, bear with us.

The one thing we lose in not doing these live is the live feedback and questions. However, we'd like to do a reader question segment in every new episode. This is where you come in. Please feel free to leave us any questions, comments or feedback in the comments below and we'll make sure to get to them if we don't already have the topic covered.

Here's the rundown of what we'll go over:

1. Red Wings Updates - The Jonathan Ericsson Interview: Riggy joins Tomas Tatar among Wings who have given good interviews to the foreign press. Ericsson spoke about his injuries, Babcock's style, and the potential for his future retirement. We'll want to cover that in-depth.

2. The NHL deal with MLBAM - What the deal means for coverage of the game and the potential financial impact of the reported $1.2B deal.

3. The NHL and Legal Issues - The NHLPA is getting closer to filing the appeal on the Mike Richards case. We'll go over what that could end up meaning. Also, we'll try to go over the Patrick Kane situation and what a powderkeg that whole thing is becoming.

4. Previewing the Western Conference - Since we looked at the East in our last episode, we'll take a look at the West and see if we can't figure out the top eight teams in the Wings' ex conference.

5. The Top 15 Prospects series and our Prospects Report - It's all about future Wings here and the future's so bright I gotta wear shades.

6. Reader Questions - I'll tell you anything you want to know about any subject as long as I feel like it.

- - -

So get your questions in and get ready for a new episode of WIIM Radio!