2016 NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread, Will the Red Wings make moves?

The day has finally come. It's NHL trade deadline day!

Despite some of the bigger names coming off the market prior to today, there is still a ton of speculation out there with unexpected players being moved. With that being said, the question still lingers - Is Ken Holland going to make any moves before the deadline? I gave my thoughts on what move would be the right one last week, so if you're wondering what would make most sense, look no further.

Here are some names that are currently floating around the rumor mill:

If you're looking for a website that is tracking these trades, SB Nation has a trade-tracker live right now. Check it out!

It's unlikely that the Red Wings will make any moves for depth players, but there are some trades that could be made that would make the team better for more than just one half of a season. We'll keep you updated throughout the day. We're going to use this post as an open forum for us all to talk and banter while we await for the deadline's arrival.