A Hard Day’s Night: Wings lose to Kraken 5-4 in OT

we got a point!

If you’ve been off the grid, you’ll notice Hronek and Bert were both traded away. Erne called up and Vrana out. Newsy said Vrana sitting was his call and it was not a management thing but rather an “I need someone to block shots and take hits with a smile and Ras isn’t here, and what if this is actually the Erne Showcase Showdown?” way.

He didn’t say it exactly like that, or at all like that, but it’s the spirit.

First Period

1 minute in and Erne is in a fight with Gourde. A proper fight even. The Dumpster Pug is out early barking tonight.

Erne and Groude had barely closed the door on their respective Bad Boy Boxes when Seattle scored. 1-0 Kraken on a well-aimed snipe, no chance for Husso.

But the Red Wings get it back 2 minutes later. Chiarot ties the game 1-1!

And 2 minutes after that, it’s 2-1 Kraken. Bjorkstrand.

Halfway through and it’s TIME FOR A RRRRRRED WINGS POWERPLAY! At least for 52 seconds. Eberle in the Crimes Cabana for hooking. Seider books his own stay in the Horrible Hotel leaving a minute of 4v4 and then half a Kraken powerplay.

The powerplay is almost killed, maybe officially killed, and the Kraken score again. 3-1 Kraken. McCann again.

Walman draws a penalty with about 2 minutes to go, but hangs onto the puck and gives the Wings time to set up and the ref’s arm to get tired being held in the air. SEIDER* SCORES ON THE DELAYED PENALTY! 3-2 Wings. Huge goal the Wings needed badly for both the scoresheet and the vibes. McCann tries for the hat trick right as time expires and Seider deflects it to keep devastation from setting in.

*it was credited to Erne later

Second Period

Here come the Red Wings baby! Berggren with lots of work from Zadina and it’s 3-3. GOALIE CHANGE. Jones out, Grubauer in.

Copp in the Sinister Sarcophagous for cross-checking, which was a fair call. Wings penalty kill! Penalty killed, technically, but Schwartz scores. 4-3 Kraken.

We’ve cooled off, having no goals for a couple of minutes now. But, Larsson’s in the Loser Locker for slashing Sunny and it’s time for a Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! It did not work.

5 minutes to go and JAKE “DATSYUK” WALMAN SCOOOOOOOOOOOORES! Tied at 4.

1:49 and Chiarot is in the Ne’er-do-well Nook. Penalty kill! So far so good on the PK, but we’ll see what the first few seconds of the third hold.

Third Period

Penalty officially killed, as they all have technically been, but this one ends without the dramatics of a sudden goal.

Another penalty? Wings powerplay! Dunn (dun dun dun) chillin' in the Wretch Wardrobe. Wings powerplay is more dangerous to us than to them, but we endure.

A lot of turnovers back and forth without much shooting. Turnovers everywhere and not much time camping in either zone. Not until almost the halfway point do we start seeing some real plays develop that end with a goaltender doing their job.

A hot potato puck manages to stay out of our net holy jumpin. If I had a nickel for every time a Kraken player was open on Husso’s glove side to take a point-blank shot, I’d buy a quarter.

Under 5 to go and Wings are on the PK. Lindstrom is in the Office of Ostracization. Penalty killed.

1 minute to go, still tied. Shots 35-29 Kraken.

Loser point acquired.


First shift is Lark, Ray, and Mo. They spend it playing defense. Walman, Kuby and Copp up next. Seider reappears as soon as he catches his breath and gets called for slashing. So, Mo is haunting Miscreant Manor and it’ll be 4v3. Wings PK without Seider? What could go wrong?

Halfway through OT and penalty over halfway killed.

Bjorkstrand scores. Kraken win.