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Another Bad Dream: Canucks 4 – Wings 1

Credit: Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Nice touch giving Ras the A for his hometown visit. I remember when a guy would get benched if his family was there. Or it was his birthday. Or it was his bobblehead night. Or….

tl;dr – sleepy fans rewarded with sleepy effort and powerplay nightmares

First Period

Clock ticks to 18:34 and it’s already time for a Rrrrrrrred Wings powerplay! Former Red Wing Pius Suter in the Bad Boy Box for tripping our elite penalty-drawing forward not named Larkin, Lucas Raymond. Powerplay made a decent attempt but Demko is unruffled.

The wrong J.T. scores. Petry bounces the puck off the boards with no Wings anywhere in sight, J.T. Miller scoops up the rebound and chips it top shelf. Big whoops makes it 1-0 Canucks.

Two minutes later, it’s 2-0 Canucks. Got em right where we want em, although many would say that two goals on four shots against is not good!

Two minutes later, the Wings draw another penalty. Time for a second Rrrrrrrrred Wings powerplay! Ian Cole trips up Copp and is sent to the Punishment Pen. Almost gave up a shorty and then there’s a lot of passing and no shooting. Although, there was one good chance that won’t count as a shot. Raymond looking for the Compher redirect, which was a good idea and almost worked. Compher kneeling in the blue paint by the open net, it would have been a nice moment.

If it worked.

Which it didn’t.

Chiarot takes a deflected puck to the nose and gets a little cut but no major damage.

Third time’s the charm? Zadorov in the Crimes Cabana for interference. The first minute didn’t work, but we’ll have 52 seconds to start the second.

Shots are 6-3 Canucks. Goals are 2-0 Canucks.

Second Period

That’s a third failed powerplay. No shots.

Now the Canucks get a powerplay, the Good Boy streak has ended after 92 minutes. Petry in the Degen Den for 4 minutes for hi-sticking who is bloodied up but not too much worse for wear. Ras leads the penalty killers in getting a good start. We love a tenacious moose on the hunt.

First penalty killed.

The Wings finally got a shot on a powerplay, it just wasn’t their own.

Both penalties killed!

Halfway through and the Wings finally get a real scoring chance and Demko has the audacity to make a save. Outrageous.

3-0 Canucks. Lyon screened by the whole world and he never sees the puck. Zadorov’s goal.

It’s not over yet! J.T. Compher 877-GOAL-NOW and that cuts it to 3-1 Canucks. The Wings are instantly more energetic and play a better last few minutes. Wings love being down 3-1.

Third Period

16 seconds and the Wings get their FOURTH powerplay chance. Who else draws a penalty but Lucas Raymond? Hughes in the Evildoer Enclosure for slashing. There were shot attempts at least? Shots are 17-16 Wings at this point.

Canucks fans booing at the Wings get their FIFTH powerplay. Sprong gets his legs taken out from under him which earns Teddy Freddy Blueger a trip to the Timeout Terrarium. Alert the media, Demko was forced to make a good save.

Wings are 0 for 5 on the powerplay. Just saying that again.

10 minutes to go…

Thatcher Demko is a good goalie. That sucks for us.

4-1 Canucks on the delayed penalty. That sucks for us. Another one for Lindholm on a 2-on-1.

This is good content. Take notes this is how you manage a grudge.

Walman and Suter doing some chatting and cross-checking at each other and both end up in the Jerk Jail to cool off. Wings net empty to make it a 5v4 at the 4-minute mark.

Canucks try for the empty net a few times and when they do get it, J.T. Miller was about a mile offside. “What was he thinking?” “He wasn’t” is the commentary from Ken and Murph.

That’ll do it. Canucks 4 – Wings 1. Wings powerplay 0-for-5. Shots 27-21 in favor of the Wings. Not really a moral victory but it’s the best you get.

See ya Saturday afternoon, or as we call it here on the East Coast at 12:34am “tomorrow”.

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