Quick Hits: The Happy Thanksgiving Edition

In Red Wings Land

NHL surprises, disappointments at quarter point of season - Detroit News

Lucas Raymond, Moritz Seider: There was so much hype about the Red Wings’ rookie duo heading into the season. To both young players’ credit, they’ve matched the hype. Raymond has thrived while playing on a line with Dylan Larkin and Tyler Bertuzzi, leading all rookies with seven goals, 12 assists and 19 points. Seider trails only Raymond with 11 assists and 13 points. The two look like cornerstones of the Wings’ organization for a long time.

Teddy gives his version of 31 thoughts a try.

Around the League

Wild team bus caught in pre-Thanksgiving New York traffic before Devils game, forcing a half-hour delay - CBS

The Holland Tunnel connecting Lower Manhattan and Jersey City closed Wednesday, halting Minnesota’s team bus and forcing a half-hour delay in the Wild-Devils game. Fans who got seated early reportedly booed the announcement.


Folks, I wanted to take this space to wish everybody a happy (American) Thanksgiving and to thank you readers, commenters, community members for making this such a great place to hang out and share our love for the Red Wings.  The internet can be a brutal place sometimes but y’all make it tolerable.  Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart.