Flyers at Red Wings: Rank 'Em

The Red Wings played a home game for the first time after going 5-1 on their western road trip. But no one cares because no one reads this stuff, do they? I bet I could tell some vague, unrelated story about my daughter bothering me to see Star Wars for the 4th time, but why bother when we could get some good old fashioned judging of our favorite hockey players going?

So the Wings did stuff and the Flyers did stuff and then the game ended. Can you tell that we write these ahead of time? No? Are you paying attention? Whatever, this is why JJ writes these and not me.

Quick thoughts:

  • Petr Mrazek is very good.
  • Brendan Smith is pretty good. Edit: Nope
  • I'm not sure how it's going to happen, but Alexey Marchenko is going to have a tough time cracking the lineup as long as the Wings keep winning.
  • Having a strong 4th line is nice. /

You should know the rules by now. Thumbs up for a strong game, thumbs down for a bad one. Neutral means leave them alone.

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