Ken Holland to accept job as next GM of Oilers

The longtime Red Wings executive will reportedly accept a deal worth around $25 million

It appears that the Ken Holland era has ended in Detroit. Rumors have been swirling all week about the longtime Red Wings executive’s future now that Steve Yzerman has been named GM. Reports early Sunday speculated that Holland is expected to accept a deal with the Edmonton Oiler, the deal would be worth at least $25 million:

Darren Dreger is a Hockey Insider with TSN.

This ends a decades-long tenure for Holland, in his time as GM since July of 1997, he’s brought a slew of championships to the city of Detroit, but in recent years has garnered a lot of criticism from fans for his management with the nine-million-pound elephant in the room that is the Red Wings’ salary cap situation.

Holland isn’t going to readymade success in Edmonton, as many of you know, the Oilers organization has struggled to return to any sort of relevance, despite having a generational talent in Connor McDavid.

This, of course, all comes about two weeks after the Red Wings announced that Steve Yzerman would be taking over the duties as general manager. Now that Ken Holland is apparently out of the mix in Detroit, the team will likely look for a replacement. Still no word who Yzerman might be bringing over from Tampa.