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Inconsistent NHL DoPS suspends Michael Rasmussen two games

So I’ll lead with the news from the league

The good news about being a fansite is that I don’t have to pretend to have any compunction about thinking this is pure horseshit driven by the relative difference in star power between Michael Rasmussen, David Krejci, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Kyle Burroughs.

In case you need any background on why I’m bringing up a Capitals player and a Canucks player in this complaint, I’ll remind you that Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov got one game earlier this year for a slash to a player’s head.

I don’t want to play whatabout with the Forbort hit on Joe Veleno where there was head contact on a big hit.

I want to use this opportunity to mention that the DoPS is run by a former goon, George Parros.  The ultimate authority to levy suspensions is derived from Gary Bettman’s jobs as laid out in the CBA, so George Parros’ department is using the Commissioner’s authority to make these decisions.

In comparing the difference between the Rasmussen play which earned him two games and the Kuznetsov play which earned him one, I’m incensed.  I understand that Rasmussen swung his stick recklessly and made contact that caused injury.  What I posit in comparison is that Kuznetsov intentionally swung his stick at Kyle Burroughs and the mistake he made was in hitting the defenseman in the face instead of anywhere else.

This is a shit decision.

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