Jeremy Roenick Provides Actual Hockey Analysis of Luke Glendening's Goal

Nice shirt, J.R.

I bet if I polled our readership on whether or not they like watching Jeremy Roenick on TV, the result would be a resounding "no." Wait, I actually do have that power, so you can vote on the poll at the bottom if you'd like. Anyway, last night on the CNBC post-game show, Roenick did something a little out of character, which was to provide some smart, tangible hockey analysis. This is a good thing if it's your job to talk about hockey, so well done, J.R.!

The analysis in question revolved around Luke Glendening's game-winning goal, or, more specifically, how Victor Hedman allowed it to happen. According to the other analysts in the studio, Roenick was "demonstrative" during the initial replay of the goal, indicating that Hedman had let up on his backcheck. Roenick then pointed to how Hedman arrived just an instant too late on his attempt to poke check Glendening, something he likely would have done with ease had he not coasted for those mere moments. CNBC's subsequent replays (and Kyle's GIF Recap) corroborated Roenick's story, and I was left agape at what I had just witnessed both on-ice, as well as in-studio.

Roenick is in his sixth season as a full-time studio analyst for NBC. Maybe he's hitting his prime years?

Which is the more likely verbal response to Jeremy Roenick showing up on your TV?

"I wonder what Jeremy Roenick thinks about [hockey stuff]?"202