Jets 5 - Wings 1: A disastrous collapse in the 2nd period extends the losing streak to 12.

DoesEhn’s first goal keep the streak from reaching a dozen? No. Two more losses to tie the franchise record!

The Loss Streak sits at 11. In case you all just woke up from a very long nap.

Abby and Daley are back from injury and our new friend and ex-Jet Comrie gets his first start with Detroit. Poor guy doesn’t even have a painted helmet yet so he’s rocking the vanilla lid. I would have put stickers on it, but nobody asked me. Their loss.

First Period

Red Wings start fast and somehow have three shots on net two minutes in. They are doing a great job keeping the Jets from getting any shots set up and letting Comrie settle in. Jets get their first shot on net at 14:30 and a big rebound off of Comrie but the Wings clear.

Guess who got sent to the penalty box? That’s right, it’s McIlrath! He is second on the team in PIM with half as many games played as the current penalty king Darren Helm. Penalty killed and LGD almost had a shot set up as the penalty expires.

Also, this happened which I personally loved to see.

Just over halfway and the Red Wings on the powerplay.

The wrong team scores.

Or do they?

Jeff Blashill challenges for goaltender interference, and he’s not ridiculous to do so. Comrie had made two saves, then his glove was knocked away from the puck, so he reached with his blocker and completely covered the puck, and then his whole arm was pushed into the net.

“The puck was never completely frozen we have a good goal.”

1-0 Jets and we’ll play 4v4 for 1:14.

FINE. Comrie did everything he could, but the Wings should consider not turning over the puck during powerplays leading to odd man rushes. Just an idea. We kill the remainder of the penalty but the Wings have lost all the momentum they had been building by not giving up a goal.

We end the period with Hronek making a sliding stop and a tussle breaking out after Hronek takes exception to a cheapshot and Bert takes a very big exception toward further shots at Hronek. Ken Daniels has to apologize for the language being picked up by the broadcast.

Bert is defending his teammate, as he should. And sending the Wings off the ice with some hyper in their diapers, fire ants in their pants, things of that nature. What I’m saying is, one way to regain momentum is to have a scrap.

Wings escape the first period down by a goal, the dreaded second period approaches.

1-0 Jets. Shots 11-6 Jets.

Second Period

Wings off to another good start, pestering the Jets in their own end. Then the Wings almost give up a breakaway, but good work by Cholowski to cut off the angle and giving Comrie an easy save to make.

Wings rush the other way and Erne, in the words of Ken Daniels, “took the shot and missed, by a lot”.

13:30 left and shots getting very lopsided 17-6 Jets but not many quality chances in there. Weird break in the action as the Jets have to take a goaltending change due equipment malfunction that requires a trip down the tunnel. Hellebuyck was not expecting to take over, but maybe a minute later and Brossoit is back and waiting for a stop in play to switch back in.

And he’ll get it because EHN SCOOOOOOOOOORES! Tie game! Great play by Zadina to set it all up.

The King of Penalties secures his crown, Darren Helm off to the box for goaltender interference. It wasn’t really on purpose, or during a scoring attempt, it was just kind of stupid. Wings on the penalty kill with 11 minutes to go. All goes well as McIlrath kind of punches the puck to save the day on a wraparound try and the penalty is successfully killed.

5 minutes to go and the pace is quick. We hear Filppula’s name for the first time in the broadcast (prove me wrong).

The Wings have been playing defense a Blake Wheeler scores with three minutes to go. 2-1 Jets.

we haven’t had a complete second period collapse Morrissey scores, it’s 3-1 Jets with 1:30 to go.

Two goal deficit isn’t so b  Laine scores, it’s 4-1 Jets with a minute to go.

Wings have a last second chance but do not score, they will start the third period on a powerplay and down three goals.

Third Period

Wings on the powerplay! Nothing happened. 16 minutes to make up a three goal deficit and shots are 26-12 Jets. That all seems fine. Jets try to make it five but Comrie comes up with two good saves to keep a glimmer of hope alive.

A high stick from Green puts us back on the penalty kill at 15:00.

It’s 5-1 14:56. Top shelf short side on Comrie, welcome to the tank new guy.

Red Wings powerplay time with 11 minutes left, hooooooray!!! Perlini gets slashed as he crashes the net, someday he will score a goal. Red Wings have a great opportunity to salvage some pride with a minute of 5v3 time. First time all game Zadina hasn’t looked great and the 5v3 is over.

And in fact, the 5v4 is also over. After a huge save from Comrie, Hronek gets caught for cross-checking and it’ll be 4v4 for half a minute and then we’ll need to kill the rest of the penalty.

FSD is now zooming in on the sad Red Wings players on the bench one by one.

That’ll do it.

Wings lose 5-1.

On the 12th game of the losing streak the Red Wings gave to me (finish this joke for me in the comments).