Listen to Fer Sure - Episode 59: Meghan Hall and Hannah Burry!

Peter and Jay take you around the NHL....and beyond!

Here’s what Peter and Jay have for you this time (all time locations are without the ads because they are put in after we upload the episode)

CORRECTION! I say in the episode that Anthony Mantha broke his hand on Adam Erne’s head, but it was Patrik Nemeth. I feel the appropriate amount of shame for making that mistake (very little.)

Intro: We re-introduce our listeners to Hannah and Meghan and catch up with what they have been up to recently.

Last Quick Cherry Thoughts (8:58 - 10:00) - By now we know it’s time to move on from the Don Cherry discussion, but since Jay wasn’t on WIIM Radio last episode, he wanted to say a couple words. (pretty much literally one minute of words).

Babcock Bounced (10:00 - 25:22) - This was the big news in the NHL of late, and we talk about it for a while. Meghan follows Toronto, but I can vouch that she is not part of the annoying Toronto fanbase online, so she has some insights.

Reader Question (25:22 - 33:50) - We had one reader question, and it was a tough one!

How Buffalo Will They Go? (33:50 - 38:00) - We wanted to talk to Hannah about Buffalo, even though she’s rather we didn’t.

Jersey Fouls (38:00 - 47:33) - L.A. and Colorado unveiled their stadium series jerseys. Woof.

Game Time! (47:33 - 53:21) - We play a game based on Hannah’s recent major life event.

Thanksgiving (53:21 - END) - We go around and discuss hockey related things we are thankful for.

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