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We've got another episode of WIIM Radio to throw at your ears this week as me, Jeff, and Kyle ran a fairly tight show with Michelle adding in a great prospects report. Here's the rundown:

  • The Week that Was - The Wings beat Tampa and then lost two games in a row. We go game-by-game on breakdowns and talk about what's going on, from the very good performance on Tuesday to the weekend shitshow that was.
  • Overall Impressions - Detroit is getting badly outshot, both in not creating enough and not preventing enough, but we're only five games into the Jeff Blashill era. What's leading to the problems and how worried are we at this point? How would we change up the roster?
  • Prospects Report - Michelle runs us through the Griffins' struggles, the players, and the kids playing elsewhere in this week's Prospects Report. UPDATE: Zeb over at Habs Eyes On The Prize provided some additional information on the Axel Holmstrom's checking from behind penalty. "It was a bit late and definitely from the blindside, but more of an accident and mistake rather than dirty. He apologized in the intermission straight out to the player he hit, and he wasn't called up to the disciplinary board. The 10 minute penalty is a personal penalty but you can continue after you served it so it's not match penalty." Thanks, Zeb! Hearing that makes me feel much better, and I love that Homer went to the player during intermission and apologized. Hockey is a fast game and accidents happen, but Axel's response to the situation makes me like him even more.
  • Reader Questions - We frankly take way too much time answering things, meaning you all are very good at asking questions we don't think to answer early. Good job, you all.
  • Looking at the Week Ahead - Heading into Western Canada, we'll tell you what's going to happen.
  • Outro - I tell the story of an awful sandwich./

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