Mailbag: Ask Prashanth anything about analytics

Wondering what expected goals are? How do you read a radar chart? What is Corsi and why does it matter? Our resident stats expert, Prashanth Iyer, is here to answer your questions.

When I first started writing here at Winging it in Motown, I had a very basic knowledge of advanced stats. I'd read a few articles, and I could understand most of what I read. But I didn't feel like my level of knowledge was as strong as I wanted it to be in order to contribute to this site.

So, I reached out to site stats guru Prashanth Iyer, and he took some time out of his day to talk on the phone and help me out. Much of what I've learned subsequently is through him or from directions in which he has pointed me.

Now, it's your turn.

In the comment section below, ask any question you have about analytics, advanced stats, charts, etc. If you think your question is too simple, ask it anyway.

I'm going to compile the questions at 8:00 PM ET tonight, Friday July 8. I'll organize them and send them to Prashanth, who will record a video webinar on Saturday morning, with a target posting of Saturday afternoon.

So, please get those questions in, and keep your eyes out on Saturday afternoon for Prashanth's answers!