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Mayday! Wings crash and burn, lose 5-2 in Winnipeg

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Why did I bother trying to guess the lines this morning?

First Period

Can the Wings get through the first 6 minutes without giving up a goal? Yes! The streak is broken! Reimer had to make on good save and managed it. Not much to say about the first ten minutes at all. No news is good news? Wings had the edge in the first half of the period but the Jets have the edge after the halfway mark.

The Jets score a strange goal. Weak shot gets deflected…by Petry’s glove…and gently flutters into the net. 1-0 Jets.

Old Friend Vladdy knocked down Seider in our end, so Seider blasted him in their end. Fair is fair. Brought a little excitement to the last minute. Larkin will be kicking himself a little for not being able to score from the crease after a fortunate bounce.

Overall, a mostly uneventful period.

Second Period

MAATTA SCOOOOOOOOOOORES! Less than 2 minutes in and Wings tie it up 1-1. Feed from Kane and a snipe from Maatta, just like everyone was expecting.

Jets unfortunately regain the lead with Ehlers getting a rebound net front and chips it past Reimer into the net. 2-1 Jets.

Here we go again. 3-1 Jets. Wings turnover, great pass off the boards to Jonsson-Fjallby giving him a breakaway and Reimer might as well not have been in the net.

4-1 Jets.

Jets have 30 shots vs. the Wings 16 by the way.

We’re one goal away from the point where Mickey Redmond (didn’t make the trip) would be telling stories about things that happened in the 70s.

None of the goals have particularly been Reimer’s fault, the defense has been making some creative choices, but luck is not on Reimer’s side.

Third Period

We do start the third period with some Ken and Murph storytime.

5 minutes in and the first penalty of the game has arrived! Niederreiter in the Bad Boy Box for slashing and it’s time for a Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! An attempt was made. It was not very effective.

It was 4-1, now it is 4-2! Kane to Larkin, Larkin’s shot rebounds and Kane tucks it in. Halfway through the period.

Line blender on full speed as Raymond and Veleno and Compher are spending some time together. Veleno draws a hooking penalty, Morrissey in the Crimes Cubby, and the Wings are back on the powerplay! Kane tries to start setting up but everybody else was just kind of standing still so he turned the puck over. That eats up half the powerplay. And then another point-blank miss.

5-2 Jets.

The End.

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