Mike Commodore Does Not Like Mike Babcock

It's not secret that Mike Commodore has never been a big fan of Mike Babcock. Commodore said of his time with Babs in Anaheim that Babcock held him back as a player and was one of the prime motivations for him to prove wrong.

Which is why it was weird when Commodore agreed to play for Babcock in Detroit. That... did not go well either.

So it's no surprise that Commodore is happy to see Mike Babcock's team losing a hockey game:

Ok, a 2-0 lead. He's happy.

Maybe a bit aggressive on that joke.

Aaaand we're off the deep end.

In fairness, I feel the same way.

[Update: Hoo boy he is really going for it. I wonder if all of those tweets will stay up after he's done.]