Morning Skate: Red Wings at Isles- Preview and How to Watch

Time: 7:00 PM Eastern
Place: Nassau Coliseum (like it should be)
Radio: 97.1 FM The Ticket  //  1270 AM
Isles Blog: Lighthouse Hockey

Well, Sunday didn’t go very well, now did it? But here you are, back again, because you’re a glutton for punishment. “No!”, you say, “I love the Red Wings! Till death do us part!” But let’s be honest here, this marriage is in a real rough patch. Maybe you married the Wings in 2015 and expected them to change for you. Maybe you got married in 1997 and thought nothing would ever change (and for a while, you were right.) But here you are now, stuck in this. You’d do anything for your love of the Wings, except that. You’d even watch them play another game, against the inoffensive Isles, no less.

But stay your wandering eyes, you cad. I see you looking at the Isles and thinking “Hey, they never did me wrong. What would that life be like? One with the Islanders. They’re young and exciting, and don’t I deserve to be happy?” But we all saw you looking at the Islanders’ butt and you just need to keep on looking at that red-and-white ring you’re wearing, bucko, because you’ll be tempted, oh God you’ll be tempted, when the Red Wings step onto the ice at Nassau Coliseum tonight to say “Well, maybe a quick peak at Matthew Barzal wouldn’t hurt,” or “I would never buy a Jordan Eberle jersey, but if I just touched it, that would be enough.”

Stay your salacious wanderings, ye tempted devil! Feel that spine of yours straighten as you recall the blood pact you swore so long ago! You’re a fan through better or worse, and no, you didn’t know how bad ‘worse’ could be, but now you know. Now you know, on a cold night in January in the midst of one of the worst statistical seasons in the post-lockout era, what exactly ‘worse’ is, and even now, you’re a Red Wings fan. Now get ready to watch some Tuesday-night-in-January-during-a-lost-season hockey, because you chose this life!