Morning Skate: Red Wings @ Montreal, Preview and How to Watch

Time: 7:00 Eastern
Place: Bell Center, Montreal, QC
Radio: 97.1 FM The Ticket // 1270 AM
Habs Blog: Eyes on the Prize

Hoooo’ boy, here we go.

Lately, it seems like every time the Wings go up against the Habs it’s a total blood bath. It could be ugly tonight. It could be real bad. It’s probably going to be the worst game of hockey they play all season. Montreal may score in the double digits. We may all end up in a maddened rage, screaming “I knew they sucked!!” at our TV by the end of the first period while our partners, parents, or roommates, who haven’t watched a moment of the game, must know who Detroit is playing. Yes, they’ll know it’s Montreal. They’ve heard this anguish before.

But hey, what do you have better to do on a Thursday night? That’s right, folks, grab your favorite bevvy at 7 Eastern tonight and buckle up, because Detroit is playing Montreal, and it’s probably going to be weird and infuriating, but also it might just be awesome.