Game Recap: Dylan Larkin, Luke Glendening lift Red Wings in dominating 3-0 win over Sabres

The Red Wings come into this game looking for a win after a stretch of offensive struggle.

Thanks to fantastic possession play, and a strong third period performance, the Wings did just that. A win at the hands of Luke Glendening and Dylan Larkin. Not to mention a dominant shutout by all-star caliber goaltender Petr Mrazek.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty!

First Period:

The Red Wings saw their first PP attempt come early in the game, and it went exactly how you would expect. Thankfully, they killed the next penalty (which was taken by Larkin), very well. Luke Glendening and Darren Helm went in on a two-on-one, and they fumbled the chance. In other news, grass is green!

The Wings were able to draw another penalty, but again, went without a goal. They managed to amass three shots on goal in four minutes of power-play time. Not really good, honestly. The highlight point was Dylan Larkin having the puck on a string during the second PP attempt. The kid is ridiculous, man.

Honestly, folks - this period was boring. The Red Wings had chances, but fanned on them. Wasn't very exciting by any means. Petr Mrazek was good, but that's just what he does. The best player this period was Tomas Jurco. Seems like whenever he was on the ice, good things were happening. Let's hope that brings some goals!

After 20 minutes, Detroit leads in shots 13-7, while Buffalo leads in even-strength shot attempts 19-14. Score is 0-0.

Second Period:

Again, no scoring in this period.

It really looked a lot like the Red Wings as of late: snakebitten with goal-scoring. It's extremely frustrating to watch, but I will hand it to them - They are possessing the puck extremely well. So long as they keep trending with that, you have to think that things will be okay.

I would like to highlight the Tatar - Sheahan - Jurco line. It's absolutely dominant. Why we even split it up in the first place is beyond me. At this point of the game, they are all shooting above 70% corsi-for at even-strength. Not only that, they are creating chances.

After 40 minutes, Detroit leads in shots 24-15. Even-strength shot attempts are tied at 38 a piece. Score still remains 0-0.

Third Period:

(Multiple American flag emojis for Dylan Larkin and Luke Glendening)

This isn't a very good 3rd period recap, but I think it does just enough. Right? RIGHT!

The goal by Henrik Zetterberg is absolutely beautiful. Larkin sets him up on a stupid-ridiculous pass, and the captain makes a highlight reel goal. Absolutely miraculous!


The Red Wings win dominating 3-0 win.

Dylan Larkin and Luke Glendening both with multipoint games (1 goal, 1 assist) pull the Red Wings over the Sabres.

I can't really express how much the team needed a win like this. Detroit outshot Buffalo 45-19. It wasn't even close. Petr Mrazek earns his third shutout on the season. It was probably the easiest shutout of his career.

This was a complete statement from the Detroit Red Wings. The Sabres aren't a riveting team by any means, but it just goes to show that the Wings won't go down without a fight, and they have the tools to win. Huge win to pull the team back into second in the Atlantic division.

I would really like to note the incredible performance from the third line. Riley Sheahan, Tomas Tatar, and Tomas Jurco were absolutely magnificent in this game. The entire line saw only eight (8!) shot attempts against all game. A trust possession-driving performance that helped lift the team. We really need to tell Jeff Blashill to not change this line. Please keep it. It is absolutely sublime.