Not Pawsome: Wings lose to Panthers 5-4 in an eventful game

Nielsen scores a shorty, Helm scores on a breakaway, Wings have 39 shots, what’s up with all of that?

After almost a week off, we’re back in action having brought a 4 game losing streak into the break. As if that’s even newsworthy for us.

First Period

No good chances for either side in the first two minutes. Abby takes a penalty at 17:45 in hopes of changing that, and it does. Panthers don’t take long to score and it’s 1-0 Panthers on a goal from Dadonov on the powerplay.

7 minutes in and the Wings get what I will graciously call a decent shot - the puck was at least jammed toward the net anyway - but it’s pretty much just been guys skating back and forth through the neutral zone.


HELM SCOOOOOOOOOOOOORES! Zadina feeds Helm for a breakaway with two Panthers chasing after him and he goes top shelf. Great heads up play from Zadina, as a broadcaster would say, and it’s tied 1-1 almost halfway through the period.


We make the Panthers look like the Red Wings as Larkin scores a bit of a garbage goal 38 seconds later. 2-1 Wings! Not the prettiest goal fielding it off his foot and chipping it up into the corner, but definitely effective.

Delay of game penalties are stupid, but less so when it’s the other team sending the puck over the glass. Wings powerplay goes to work at 7:21. They make a solid effort but do not score, and also do not give up a shorthanded goal which is the real victory.

Panthers’ arena is so silent it’s making the Wings feel right at home.

Shockingly, we did not give up a goal in the last minute, didn’t even give them a really close call so we’ll end the period up 2-1 with shots standing 17-11 in our favor. Yes, leading both in goals and shots. But the dreaded second period looms...

Second Period

Larkin heads to the box almost immediately. But then.


FRANS NIELSEN SCORES!!!!! Shorthanded even, first time the Panthers have given up a shorty all season, and to NIELSEN OF ALL PEOPLE. 3-1 Wings. Panthers fans are weakly booing. Unfortunately, they are cheering again as the Panthers quickly score and it’s 3-2 Wings.

Jimmy showing he is awake and present in the moment making some saves as the Panthers have the momentum and are closing the shot deficit. He does get hung out to dry and we’re looking like the same old Red Wings. Tied 3-3. We didn’t even get time to react to that properly before it was 4-3 Panthers. Two goals in 9 seconds, this is our team.

To quote Kyle, “an absolute violent whiplash of emotion, every time.”

Wings on the penalty kill just about halfway through. Penalty kill successful and Green is released from the punishment booth.

Bertuzzi crashes the net and is tripped, but only in my opinion and not the refs. Panthers rush back but Jimmy thankfully stops a breakaway to keep the Wings in the game.

3:30 left and Panthers get a 4 on 2 break but Hronek takes care of business allowing Daley to break out with Larkin (weird right?), Daley has a great moment to shoot and...passes. Mickey Redmond is heartbroken.

We end the period down 4-3 and shots 25-23 in favor of Panthers. This is not an optimal turn of events.

Third Period

Filppula will not be returning due to an “upper body injury”. AA gets hit in the face by someone, or something, he’s clutching his lower face but no call on anything. In other news, Jimmy has to make a big save at the one minute mark.

AA gets bonked in the face AGAIN, and it was hard. HOW DO YOU NOT CALL THAT? That’s been an elbow and a high stick for those counting at home, hopefully his nose has not been murdered.

Then Bertuzzi gets hit in the chin with the puck off a shot from Larkin. He goes and sits on the bench with a towel to his face while LAUGHING. What a madman, we love it. Getting a little patch job on his chinny chin chin and ready to get back in action.

All this in the first five minutes.

Fabbri gets tripped up driving to the net and Wings head to the powerplay at 10:41. Zadina working hard on the powerplay getting two good shots and reclaiming a puck he was forced into turning over. Real good stuff from FilZ.

Trochek and Hronek are picking at each other but have been held back from fighting. Both go to the penalty box for a cooldown timeout. We’ll play 4 on 4 with seven minutes to go. And then it’s 5-3 Panthers.

Blash pulls Jimmy early and LGD SCOOOOORES, on the forehand even. 5-4 Panthers with 4:11 left.

3:06 and Jimmy is back to the bench.

2 minutes to go...

The whole Panthers team is rushing the empty net and Fabbri make the save!

1 minute to go...

30 seconds...


Good try, they didn’t give up that’s for sure, Red Wings fall 5-4 with shots 39-30 in favor of the Wings (that’s pretty neat).