Oilers 7 - Wings 5: Another loss, but it was kind of fun for a while. And weird...

A terrible start, an interesting middle, and a disappointing end. Feat. Marc Staal!

The Blash Bingo Wheel O’ Doom has already started spinning. Many Online Opinions were shared about this lineup.

Fashion update: Mickey Redmond was wearing an orange-y rust colored flannel.

First Period

Seider and Leddy start the game with a two minute shift because the Wings couldn’t get the puck out of their own zone and when they did, they iced it. And then the Oilers immediately scored off the faceoff. 1-0 Oilers at the two minute mark on a goal from Devin Shore.

We don’t give up a goal in the next minute. We do give up a goal in the next minute and 14 seconds. Connor McDavid makes it 2-0 Oilers. But then the Red Wings put the puck into the net! The Oilers net! But, it was immediately waved off as a high stick (and rightfully so).

We are only four minutes into the game.

It is now 3-0 Oilers. Zach Hyman scores at 4:35. BAH GAWD THAT’S NED’S MUSIC. Goalie change!


Koskinen has also been looking shaky in net, flailing more than probably necessary, and Marc Staal makes him pay for it. Shot from a mile away with no deflection finds its way into the net. We’re on the board! Now only 3-1 Oilers. Staal’s goal is also another apple for Seider.

Hronek almost accidentally scores a goal on Ned as McDavid “fakes” the pass to Evander Kane (he flubbed it but Ken was feeling generous on the call) and the puck drifts across the front of the net.

Five minutes to endure and Staal almost gets another one. Koskinen dramatically snatches the puck out of the air.

Adam Erne to the Bad Boy Box for roughing against Tyson Barrie and the penalty kill goes to work trying to do their job for a change. They do not do their job. THE PENALTY IS NOT KILLED. 4-1 Oilers. Mo Seider may have gotten caught watching McDavid and Staal wasn’t there in time to cover Kailer Yamamoto who gets the tap-in goal. A teachable moment, etc.

That’ll do it for the first period. That’s our same old Red Wings :)

Second Period

Here we go gang, down by three goals but shots are only a 12-17 differential so that’s something not terrible.

Through five minutes with no excitement. Blessed.

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Red Wings penalty kill once again. Too Much Man penalty against the Wings seven minutes into the period. Blash foaming at the mouth and spitting venom (and saliva) at the ref over how questionable the call was. Especially in a 4-1 game. But at least the penalty is killed!

The lines are completely random at this point. Nothing matters.

Smith and Gagner put together an actual play, probably the most coherent shot attempt by the Wings this period. Duncan Keith might actually lose a race to Tomas Holmstrom at this point. Smith is moving well tonight but have to give credit to Keith for being a boat anchor.

Vrana gets himself a breakaway but gets tied up by Nurse and he is pissed at missing his opportunity. Took his time a but too much and didn’t get a shot.

GAGNER SCOOOOOOORES! Not a beautiful goal, not necessarily on purpose, but who cares. Any goal is a good one. 4-2 Oilers with two minutes to go and that’s where we’ll leave it. A better goal for the Wings or a worse one for the Oilers? Maybe both.

Onward to the third!

Third Period

IT’S TIME FOR A RRRRRRRRED WINGS POWERPLAY!!! Draisaitl kind of taps Raymond on the leg and that’s enough for a slashing penalty. We’ll take it. Draisaitl in the Crimes Cabana.

AND THE POWERPLAY HAS POWER! Hirose, Zadina and Ras are a thing now and Zadina gets the snipe. HERE COME THE RED WINGS BABY. Only 4-3 Oilers now.

BINGO BANGO IT’S A TIE GAME. MARC STAAL THE MVP. A late goal in the second and two goals in 30 seconds to start the third and here we are. 17 minutes to go. This is the first multi-goal game for Marc Staal. In his entire career. And he’s bleeding from the lip for some reason. Game 1,001 is the good one.

We’ve also gotten a “bingo” and a “jeepers” out of Mick so far.

And jeepers indeed now it’s 5-4 Oilers with Evander Kane getting the goal. 15 minutes to go.

Hockey sure is a sport isn’t it gang? Pure chaos.

LUCAS RAYMOND SCORES TO TIE THE GAME AGAIN. Larkin swipes the puck from Koskinen behind the net and throws it out front for Raymond to clean up. Tied 5-5 with 13:28 to go.

Almost to the halfway point and Staal is in the Sin Stall for Slashing Staals. Red Wings penalty kill and the penalty is killed! That gets us halfway through the period.

Seider maybe gets away with boarding, it’s hard to tell if it was a hit or if the guy just fell down himself, but no arm in the air from the ref. When the puck is sent toward the net it bounces off Marc Staal and in behind Ned. Three goals for Marc Staal, but only two into the right net. 6-5 Oilers with five minutes to go. Warren Foegele.

Draisaitl called for hooking and Veleno called for embellishment. Embellishment apparently means getting hooked which causes you to catch the toe of your skate in the ice and falling down because that’s how physics works. Both go to their Punishment Pens. 4v4 for two minutes.

This game has had a lot of everything, so of course there’s a ref show!

Back to even strength. Oilers still up 6-5. Wings are in full attack mode as Ned heads to the bench with two minutes to go. Evander Kane hits the empty net and that’ll do it. Ned looks skyward on the bench, he really believed the skaters were going to tie it up for him.

Mickey Redmond tries to explain how 50/50 raffles work, brings some levity to a disappointing finish to a strange game. But if nothing else, Ned is starting to get his groove back.

FINAL: 7-5 Oilers