On this day 19 years ago, Fight Night at the Joe happened between Red Wings and Avalanche

It's already been 19 years since the Red Wings and Avalanche had one of the most storied brawls in NHL history. Today, we celebrate Fight Night at the Joe.

Speaking for myself, 1997 was the year I became a Red Wings fan. So this entire sequence is what made me hate the Avalanche so much. Nowadays, the rivalry is dead, but we can all relive it one more time today. I'll never forget Darren McCarty pounding on Claude Lemieux as he tried to shell himself from getting hit by McCarty's continuous haymakers. I'll never forget Patrick Roy skating down the ice coming to Lemieux's rescue, only to be taken down by Brendan Shanahan. The Red Wings went on to win this game 6-5, and ended up winning the Stanley Cup which began over 15 years of excellence for the Red Wings organization.

Stuff like this doesn't happen in the NHL today, but there's nothing wrong with re-watching the video that was posted by this brave, heroic soul. Thank you, Paul.

Let's get fired up for the game today. Let's go Red Wings!