Quick Hits: The Oliwer Kaski Edition

In Red Wings Land

Oliwer Kaski could boost Red Wings’ defense production, power play | MLive

Plenty of good quotes from Red Wings Director of Player Development Jiri Fisher in this one.

Fischer described Kaski as a smart player and person whose biggest attribute is his ability to read the play.

“It’s really impressive how calm he is under pressure,” Fischer said. “When there’s a forechecker coming and he’s got the puck, he doesn’t panic, he always tries to make a play, tape-to-tape, he really tries to play the puck-possession game.”

How ‘bout some highlights?

And a message from Oliwer Kaski:

Around the League

DRYDEN: When it comes to concussions, Bettman fighting the wrong fight | Toronto Sun

Bettman expresses pride in NHL’s new skill game. Yet what is the biggest risk to this high-skill game? Hits to the head. Hockey is compellingly physical. It is a struggle. A test. And that will not change, and that is great. But do damage to a brain and the rest of the body doesn’t work so well. High skills become lesser skills. A fan might not even notice this happening, because as great stars come off the ice, great new stars jump over the boards to replace them. Just as in any game.

Except this isn’t about shorter shifts in a game, this is about shorter careers. Magic in. Magic out. Lives changing on the fly.

Ken Dryden has some strong words for Gary Bettman in this one.