Quick Hits: The ‘game day eve’ edition

Red Wings Rumblings

Hey pal. Are ya ready for some hockey?

Tomorrow is the big day. We’ll finally see what this team looks like when the Habs come to town for the season-opener. Max Bultman (The Athletic) posted line combinations yesterday, maybe a small sample of what the opening night lineup will look like:

Max posted the power-play lines Tuesday. You can find those on his Twitter page.

I am very intrigued by a second line of Vrana-Copp-Perron. That has potential to be a high-octane trio on offense. Obviously love the third line too, because I think collectively it weighs more than a Ford Focus.

Meanwhile overseas, Marco Kasper is scoring goals.. Honestly thought he was going to attempt the “Michigan”:

Around the NHL

Remember I mentioned the Canadiens earlier? Here they are again, being extremely corny:

I mean no offense, Habs fans, it’s just a goofy tradition that I will always make fun of.

WMU Alum Mattias Samuelsson gets paid by the Sabres

The former 32nd pick in the 2018 NHL Draft gets a nice payday from the team that drafted him. The 22-year-old defenseman signed a seven-year deal worth $30 million. I enjoyed watching him with the Broncos.