Quick Hits: The Response Edition

In Red Wings Land

Ilitch group pushes back on HBO report on arena development | Detroit News

Detroit — The billionaire owners of the Detroit Red Wings and Little Caesars Pizza are pushing back on an HBO sports show that was critical of the still-unfulfilled promises to build five new neighborhoods around Little Caesars Arena.

A segment that debuted Tuesday night on the “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel” was billed by the cable channel as a look at ”whether government officials in Michigan gave a sweetheart arena deal to the wealthy Ilitch family despite Detroit facing an $18 billion bankruptcy — the largest of any city in U.S. history.”

The Ilitch family released their response to the story/criticism from HBO Sports about the lack of District Detroit development.

Around the League

Major penalty video review debate reignited in playoffs | Associated Press

NHL players and coaches were split Wednesday on whether changes are needed to video review protocol a day after a major penalty played a dramatic role in San Jose’s Game 7 victory over Vegas.

Instead of changing the rules... how about just not giving up FOUR goals during the five minute major?

I mean, yeah, it was a bad call. It probably should’ve only been a two minute penalty. Doesn’t change the fact that the Golden Knights allowed FOUR goals during their penalty kill. Deal with the adversity and overcome it. Bad calls happen in every game in every sport. It’s part of the human element. Plus, Vegas tied it and sent it to overtime. They still had the opportunity to beat the Sharks.