Quick Hits: The All I Ever Wanted Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit - By Justin Abdelkader (The Players’ Tribune)

All I ever wanted to be was a Red Wing.

I’ve really liked that we’ve gotten the opportunity to look back on Abdelkader’s career with the Wings and have perspective. I’m sad it didn’t end better than this, but he got to live out a childhood dream and he repped his community well, especially off the ice. I’m proud of the days he got to spend with the team and I hope he does well in his next adventure (even if it means signing with another team).

Around the NHL

Corsi Is Better At Predicting Future Goals Than Expected Goals Is - Draglikepull

You will have a better idea which teams are good at scoring goals by looking at quality-adjusted metrics, but you’ll get a better idea about which teams are good at preventing goals by looking at pure shot attempts. We don’t have any good metrics at the moment that account for this distinction, but I think it’s a pretty promising avenue for future research (and something I’m hoping to find time this off-season to tackle myself).

This is only at team level so far; it’s uncertain how such an analysis would look at the player level.   The method used here is interesting because for each season, it splits the first 41 games to set the corsi/xGF and the second half of the season to test for predictability and so you might be running into an issue where teams play differently in the 2nd half, but that’s a hypothesis I haven’t done even the slightest bit of work to check.