Quick Hits: The Boiling Over Edition

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Way less angry than I expected.

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31 Thoughts: What caused the ‘disconnect’ between Eichel, Sabres - Sportsnet

I find it hard to believe Eichel isn’t consulting the best of the best, while Buffalo’s reticence comes from artificial disc replacement lacking evidence of its effectiveness on elite-level athletes. It’s a relatively new phenomenon. As far as I could find, there are no examples of NHLers who returned to play after having one.

There’s a ton of info to pull into here and talk about (and I recommend you do just that), but I did want to lead off with a little more information than we had the previous day. I still don’t know the full legal play here for the Sabres if they sign off on Eichel having this and it turns out it ruins his career. This goes into the discussion yesterday about how it’s unfortunate that Eichel’s future playing hockey is essentially an “asset” that can be recorded on a financial ledger. I personally wouldn’t want to trade for him regardless. I am not convinced that the price Buffalo would have to ask for the guy they were counting on being the face of their franchise is one I would like the Wings to spend.

The Bruins will play Washington in the first round, Game 1 is Saturday night - SCOC

The B’s are locked into the third spot in the East after tonight’s OT win: the Islanders have no games left, and the Bruins can’t overtake the Capitals due to the Caps’ lead in the regulation wins tie-breaker.Shortly after tonight’s game ended, the NHL announced that the B’s and Caps will kick things off on Saturday night at 7:15 in DC.

---This should be an ugly series all around