Quick Hits: The Bookends Edition

In Red Wings Land

Michigan presence will dominate 2021 NHL Entry Draft - Detroit News

The Wings have 12 picks overall and seven in the first three rounds — their own and Washington’s in the first; their own, Edmonton’s and the New York Rangers’ in the second; and their own and Vegas’ in the third.

The Wings have their own pick in each of the first six rounds, and have Tampa’s in Round 4 and Ottawa’s in Round 5.

Ted lists 15 names. What are your thoughts?

Around the League

Jagr not planning to retire following 33rd pro season - NHL.com

“I believe I still have it in me,” Jagr said. “It is all just about working hard and putting more effort. I have to practice harder and avoid gaining weight. You know, I was used to scoring a goal when I wanted to score one. I have been working hard since I was very young to be able to do it. And suddenly I feel it is not possible anymore.”

And why would he?