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Quick Hits: The Day Before Tomorrow Edition

Red Wings News

For the record, I think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that either of these guys get a contract with the Wings. I expect Hutchinson was brought in to balance the net-minders and give the guy a shot at some exposure for other teams. Anisimov, I assume, is probably here to help make sure DeBrincat gets the best jump-start possible and teach guys like Larkin, Raymond, Seider, etc how to effectively play with him. Think of Anisimov like a 30-minute session with a calculus tutor.

Around The League Double Whammy

NHL.com put out a pretty good pair of primers prior to the start of training camps. They won’t give you all the fun storylines for each team, but they definitely hit the high-level ones. Both are worth your time today.


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