Quick Hits: The Distant Preseason Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings announce exhibition schedule, first game is Sept. 27

The Wings play the Penguins Sept. 27, host the Blackhawks Sept. 28, host the Capitals Sept. 30, and host the Penguins Oct. 3. The Wings play at Washington on Oct. 5, host the Leafs Oct. 7 and wrap things up Oct. 8 at Toronto.

There’s a date at United Center to be announced, too. Information on ticket sales will also be released at a later date.

Eight games is the most any team is allowed to play in the preseason and the Wings do it every year. There’s always a home-and-home with Chicago and they’ve been playing Pittsburgh and Toronto in preseason pretty consistently.

Our first chance to watch Simon Edvinsson in action.

Around the League

Montgomery hired as Bruins coach, replaces Cassidy - NHL

“Sometimes it takes an unbearable consequence in your life to happen to have an unbelievable breakthrough,” Montgomery said when he was hired by the Blues on Sept 16, 2020. “I didn’t know I was headed down the wrong path, and once I found out and you realize you do have a problem, it’s time to get to work and try and fix it. It’s over nine months now, I’m sober and I’m just very thankful for what happened because now I’m a much better person every day and obviously a better husband, father and son to the people I care about the most.”

I’m relieved to see that he was able to see the problem and seek help for it.  Boston dropping this news in the afternoon on a Friday that’s also Canada Day and right before the 4th of July weekend seems like a chance to slide this hire a bit under the radar.

I don’t want Boston to succeed or anything, but I’m not sure that’s truly going to be up to Montgomery anyway.

Washington Capitals hire Emily Engel-Natzke as first full-time female coach in NHL history - CBS

Engel-Natzke’s resume speaks for itself. In 2020, she was the first woman to become a full-time member of a coaching staff in the American Hockey League after being named video coordinator for the Hershey Bears. She spent two seasons in charge of producing pre-scouts and coaching reports, while also handling the Bears’ in-game and postgame video breakdowns.

It’s going to be her job to highlight all the not skating hard that Anthony Mantha does and all the times when Ovi is standing in the dot waiting for a one-timer.