Quick Hits: The Don’t Press Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ Lalonde to Lucas Raymond: Don’t press, focus on details - MLive

“Lack of some detail in his game, which is understandable of a young player,” Lalonde said. “He’s so competitive. Now he’s channeling it incorrectly. He’s pressing now. It’s typical of most players, let alone young players. I think he believes he needs to help the team with offense. Now it’s looping, it’s cheating, it’s not taking care of the wall, and now he’s being stuck in his D-zone instead of doing the things he can do in the offensive zone.

“Not concerned at all. Typical of a young player pressing a bit.”

This guy is good at saying things that make sense and are true but don’t put the player on blast or share information the rest of the league could potentially weaponize. It’s no secret Raymond is struggling and Lalonde’s explanation fits the best speculation I had from watching him.

Around the League

Montreal Canadiens acquire Nicolas Beaudin from the Chicago Blackhawks for Cam Hillis - Habs Eyes on the Prize

Beaudin, 23, is currently with the Rockford IceHogs in the American Hockey League. He has one assist in three games this season. Last year, he had two goals and 14 assists in 66 AHL games and also played the first two games of this NHL career.

Trade floodgates are now open. Get ready lol.

NHL partners with SAP on digital platform to gauge carbon footprint - NHL

“A core tenet of our environmental sustainability strategy is continued measurement and analysis of our known carbon footprint, particularly our arenas where our games are played,” said Omar Mitchell, NHL vice president, sustainable infrastructure and growth initiatives. “We’ve been tracking this data for a number of years. But in order to take that effort to the next level, we needed to leverage the experts at SAP to help us build a scalable platform that would be a game changer out of the gate.”

Remember that corporate sponsorship mumbo-jumbo I made fun of recently?  This word-salad puts that to shame. It’s hilarious to talk this way as though NHL fans haven’t watched what SAP has done to the NHL’s data tracking for the last several years.  I expect this to be self-serving bullshit too.