Quick Hits: The Eve Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings are terrible: Here are 5 positive thoughts on team - ClickonDetroit

You gotta accentuate the positives, eliminate the negatives.

Detroit Red Wings embrace changing culture as NHL tries to wipe out abuse - The Detroit News

Kulfan dutifully recaps all the stuff we’ve known about what’s been going on in the hockey world of late, but does add a few bits of information, like Abdelkader talking about playing under Babcock. He also gets quotes from Jeff Blashill about trying to build mutual respect. I know what we would have gotten had he asked any of Blashill’s players to comment on that, but I’m kinda bummed he didn’t report even asking one.

Around the League

NHL Seattle Pro Scout Cammi Granato: A Day In The Life - Forbes

Usually Forbes’ contribution to hockey is their annual franchise valuations which tend to vary wildly from reality but are otherwise good conversation fodder. This look into Cammi Granato and her job as a pro scout for Seattle is a good read.

Finally, I want to address some of the comments from yesterday and to show my appreciation for the support from this community. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the situation. I don’t want to get too political about the law that created all of this because I think it is important to protect people from exploitation, but I don’t know exactly how to ensure we can continue to provide what we do as fanbloggers here under the legislation as it’s written. I don’t have those answers today and I feel simultaneously fortunate and guilty that I don’t have to have them while my colleagues in California prepare to lose their contracts.

What I do want to say is that the primary purpose of yesterday’s action was to make it clear to those running Vox that we are not satisfied with how they handled themselves in preparation for the law to go into effect. While a longer break or one done during a more-prime traffic time might have garnered more nationwide attention, the timing of all of this happened during a lower traffic time and waiting even longer to respond would have risks as well. I do have confidence that those who needed the message we delivered did receive it.

Thank you again to the best internet community to which I’ve ever belonged.