Quick Hits: The Heck the Halls Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings sign forward Vladislav Namestnikov to two-year deal - This very site!

It should be noted that Yzerman drafted Namestnikov when he was GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning back in 2011. The former 27th overall pick should add some versatility up front, seeing that he can play both center and on the wing.

Namestnikov is also Slava Kozlov’s nephew and grew up a Wings fan.  I remember him from the Syracuse Crunch when the Griffins won the Calder Cup. He was a kid I saw a lot of promise in and also a guy who wasn’t doing dirty shit like the rest of that team, so I liked him.

Around the NHL

I’m not sure I understand making a one-year bet on yourself in Buffalo knowing the cap is going to stay flat and you’re... well you’re going to Buffalo.

Why Chris Watkins Goes Against The Grain - Asking for Directions

“I think that’s what keeps me coming back. There’s a way here, and I’m so close to figuring out what it is. I’m so close to sort of helping get that pipeline where people can come in and run with it from there. But it’s a question of what is that last step which will bridge that gap? ... It feels like it’s right there, around the corner.”

If you haven’t listened to Watkins on Fer Sure or seen him on Twitter, he’s an entertaining follow.  You do have to go into it knowing that he’s not shy about saying mean things about your team, but it’s also funny to watch how angry he makes Leafs fans. Give this a read. It’s about way more than his Twitter personality.