Quick Hits: The Hot August Nights Edition

All Over the Place

In the WJC:

Finland 4 - Czechia 3 (SO)

Eemil Viro (FIN) - 0P, 0 SOG, -1, 17:10 TOI
Jan Bednář (CZE) - 28 Saves on 31 Shots (.9032) - SOL

Canada 11 - Slovakia 1

Donovan Sebrango - 1A, 1 SOG +2. 19:25 TOI (most on the team)
Sebastian Cossa - Did not play

Switzerland 1 - USA 7

Carter Mazur - 2G, 1A, 3 SOG, +3, 15:01 TOI, Named Team USA’s Player of the Game
Red Savage - 0P, 1 SOG, 2 PIM, +1, 12:40 TOI

Red Wings Reset: 2022-23 defensemen breakdown - NHL

Since making his NHL debut with the Red Wings on Oct. 4, 2018, Hronek has evolved into a reliable top-four defenseman. His production was rewarded when the Czech native signed a three-year extension last September.

As a reminder, the people who write for the official team sites are not interested in arguing the definition of “reliable” but I will say that it’s kind of fun on balance with how he’s talked about. The criticisms of his play make it sound like he’s incapable of playing NHL-level defense while the trade scenarios which mention him tend to demand a return that belies the opinion of a worthless player.

Of course, that’s also an unfair oversimplification of Wings fans who each have their own observations and tend to accidentally add a feeling of hyperbole to generally agreeable takes just by the simple volume of criticisms.

I mean, there’s also people who love to scream wrong and loud things which don’t help, but c’est la vie I guess.

Future Calder-Runner-Up move.

They’re gonna trade for Carey Price or something.