Quick Hits: The ifs and buts Edition

In Red Wings Land

COVID-19 continues to have impact on Red Wings, NHL - Detroit News

The NHL sent a memo to all 32 teams Monday effectively canceling all holiday parties, in addition to public engagements, charity events and autograph sessions.

More of an ‘Around the League’ kind of thing, but Kulfan wrote it to center around the Wings so thanks to him!

Around the League

New Jersey Devils Sign Jack Hughes to 8 Season, $64 Million Extension - All About the Jersey

Hughes needed a new contract as this season was the final one in his entry level contract. Doubters and critics may claim that Hughes has not done enough to warrant this much money. I say that Hughes is only going to get better from what he is and what little he showed this season suggests strongly that he is going to take a massive leap. Should he hit his vaunted potential, an $8 million cap hit will be an absolute bargain.

Lots of ifs in there, but hey I’m ok believing.

If he’d also have slewfooted him would that be eight games?