Quick Hits: The Keep Improving Edition

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Lalonde isn’t blowing smoke.

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It’s unfortunate that he had to take on any of this himself, but I’m glad he was willing to.

Sharks defenseman reflects on hit that forced him to IR: ‘It was a dirty, dirty play’ - MSN

The hit was missed by the officials, which Simek said was understandable. But he remains unsure why Shaw was not fined or suspended by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety for a headshot that caused a significant injury and could have been avoided.

“(Shaw) had a chance to hit my body but he didn’t even try to hit my body. He went through my head,” Simek told this news organization. “I think it was a dirty, dirty play. So I was really (upset by it). But I have to change now. I have to just practice and be ready for another game. That’s all I can do.”

Here’s the hit in question