Quick Hits: The Looking-before-Leaping Edition

In Red Wings Land

’I knew what I was getting into’: Patience defined Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman’s first year - The Detroit News

Today is the one-year anniversary of Steve Yzerman officially signing on as the GM of the Red Wings.  Kulfan takes a look back at The Captain’s takeover and covers not only his comments, but the path forward for him.

What I like about Yzerman that had really grown tiring for me with Holland is that Yzerman doesn’t dismissively spin things so that he avoids outright lying but isn’t telling the truth in a productive way.  Of course, you could say it’s easier for Yzerman in the last year because trying to lie about the shit we’ve been watching would be a fool’s errand, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless.

“I knew what I was getting into, and I think I had a general idea what it takes to build a team,” Yzerman said that day. “(Patience) is very difficult to sell, and we gotta show progress. I’m hoping the progress shows next year in wins and losses, but it will show in prospects and their development.”

Hey a signing!

Around the League

NHL players defer decision on last paycheque until May 15 - Sportsnet

While the first two – for March 15 and March 30 – were full paycheques, the final paycheque is only for four days as April only had four days of scheduled regular-season play.

So, the players are punting on a decision on what to do with four days’ worth of pay to potentially help with escrow. Neat.

And finally, I know it’s circling back around to Red Wings stuff, but I don’t care; sue me.  If you missed Helmerroids’ DRW Awards show last night, you need to hop onto her Twitter feed and get caught up. I’ll even give you a link to find it: